The Town of Superior, Colorado, desired to establish a sod lawn area in one of their community parks for resident enjoyment and recreation. The location reserved for sod lawn establishment formerly served as a disposal location for excavated basement stratum from an adjacent subdivision. The underlying soils consisted of heavy clays with high shrink-swell capacity and low drainage capabilities.

The objective was to design a soil matrix specific for the sod lawn portion of the park that would improve soil drainage, while providing a suitable growth medium for sod grass establishment. The location soils were evaluated and soil samples were collected to establish topsoil depths for salvage and later incorporation into the soil matrix design. In-situ topsoil was recommended for salvage and later use to preserve desirable soil properties such as organic matter and soil biota that would improve sod lawn establishment. Preservation of these materials also reduces the requirements of topsoil and soil amendment import, thus reducing overall costs for the community.

Topsoil resources were incorporated into a soil matrix design including layers of coarser textured soil materials (sand) to improve soil drainage and to reduce the effects of high shrink-swell soils on surface cracking and vegetation damage. Improved soil drainage is key to providing a fast-drying lawn area for resident use and enjoyment; however, desirable soil constituents that are necessary for plant growth and development (i.e., organic matter, soil nutrients, soil biota) must also be available.

The ability to salvage and re-incorporate topsoil resources already available on location provided the town great cost savings through reduced trucking and hauling costs of materials and the need for purchasing and importing topsoil and soil amendments from off-site sources.

“Duraroot, through their knowledge and expertise, has opened the door for the Town to understand our
planting and soil preparation techniques at a deeper level which saves money in the long run.”

                                                                                                                       – Patrick Hammer,Town of Superior and President of the CPRA




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