We provide five main types of services to our clients, each of which encapsulates a span of capabilities.

Consulting  |  Reclamation Planning  |  Mining  |  Permitting and Compliance  |  Training



Duraroot provides many consulting services, drawing from its large reservoir of experiences and capabilities to offer the client a diverse background of services. From Water management issues, to nutrient recommendations, Duraroot can satisfy your consulting needs.

Bioremediation and Beneficial Reuse — Duraroot often provides both evaluations and recommendations on the disposal of E&P Wastes. Our ability to assess the environmental factors from these waste materials allows us to provide recommendations that will both minimize client disposal costs and environmental impacts

Environmental Spill Hazard and Cleanup Assessments — Whether it is assessing spill hazards, or assessing spill cleanups, Duraroot brings valuable insight to spill amelioration. We possess the ability to incorporate a large spectrum of environmental consideration into any project, including: hydrogeological considerations, soil chemistry, land-form conditions, vegetative conditions, etc.

Environmental Planning and Inspection Services for Pipeline Construction — Duraroot does more than post project remediation, it also provides complete planning for an entirety of a project. This includes providing expert inspection services, that allows us to help our clients create detailed plans encompassing all possible considerations.

Soil Delineations — Duraroot’s team of certified soil scientists allows us to provide soil delineation services, for whatever possible project needs.

Soil Sampling and Analysis — We provide many encompassing services, but Duraroot also can provide the most basic of land evaluations: soil sampling and analysis interpretations. Our team’s comprehensive expertise in Soil Science gives Duraroot true perspective on all nutrient tests, soil chemistry assessments, lime recommendations, problem identification, use recommendations, and amendment prescriptions.

Storm Water Management — Duraroot can supply inspection and compliance services for all forms of storm water management. Coupled with our expertise in the environmental fields, this allows us to provide holistic approaches for all water needs.


Reclamation Planning

Duraroot covers all aspects of reclamation, from before the earth is broken to after final project completion. Our backgrounds in the Soil and Agronomic Sciences give us unique perspectives on every site. Even beyond the site analysis and recommendation aspects, our close connections with such remediation contractors as H2 Enterprises and Arnold’s Custom Seeding allows us to truly provide for all your reclamation needs.

Bioremediation — Utilizing all aspects of soil biota, from microbes to plant species, mycorrhizae to animals, Duraroot can provide you with detailed proposals for the natural remediation or more traditional remediation augmented with Biosystems to maximize effect.

Custom Developed Remediation Plans — Duraroot is committed to providing its clients with the information they need, but perhaps even more importantly, in the form in which they can best utilize it. Whether this takes shape as a user friendly guidelines for field use, detailed reports capable of withstanding legal scrutinization, or some mix of the two, Duraroot can provide remediation recommendations and plans in any permutation.

Erosion Management and Mitigation — We have great experience in managing and mitigation erosion issues, and we would like to share those skills with you. Not only can we survey and analyze specific problem sites, but we can make management recommendation from that data to help alleviate any issues.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Spatial Analysis — The powerful tools which are GIS and Spatial analysis are still ever increasing in their utility, and Duraroot can help its clients in reaching their maximum potential with our great experience in these data analysis tools.

Seed Mix Recommendations — Hand in hand with our surveys comes the interpretation of that data into seed mix recommendations. Our specializations in Agronomy, backed with our huge collective experiences over a wide variety of climates and conditions, allow us to make the best possible recommendations for your project. (A few examples might be: CRP, Native Mixes, and Landowner Preferred Mixes)

Soil Surveys and Delineation — Our team of experienced Soil and Environmental Scientists provide expert services in both soil and landform surveys, as well as soil delineation for whatever need you may have.

Soil Sampling and Analysis — Duraroot provides soil sampling services, as well as sample analysis. Acquiring this data is only the first step though, since it is our pleasure to provide our client with whatever analysis interpretations they require.

Topsoil Salvage Recommendations — Our group has extensive experience in topsoil salvage recommendations. We make detailed determinations of topsoil depths and interpret that data into usable recommendations for removal. This allows for the speediest possible post-project remediation, since the most valuable soil attributes can be preserved.

Vegetation Surveys — Duraroot provides extensive vegetation surveys and sampling. Our team is trained and experienced in plant identification, including weed identifications. With this data we can provide our clients with the best possible management recommendations for their specific field situations.



In addition to our general reclamation services, our team is able to provide specific mining related services.

Geochemical Characterization of Waste Rock and Mine Tailings — A geochemical understanding your waste material can greatly improve ability to manage the waste to reduce the production of impacted leachate and improve reclamation success.  Rapid field assessment techniques and statistically based sampling and analytical techniques can greatly improve the quality of data for decision making.

Geochemical Assessment of Surface Water and Groundwater — The geochemistry of surface and groundwater is dependent on understanding the reactions between water sources and soil and rocks that this water comes in contact with.  Understanding these reactions can help in developing effective monitoring programs at a reduced cost.

Soil Borrow Material Assessment and Quantification  Soil science is critical in evaluating soil material as borrow material for various uses of mine sites, including cover material in reclamation.  Our in-house sampling equipment allows for cost effective sampling and mapping of these areas.

Hydraulic Assessment of Soils — Designing any storage facility requires an understanding of the hydraulic properties of materials beneath these facilities.  Our team of soil hydrologists can collect appropriate date regarding hydraulic conductivity using our disc permeaters and other equipment.

Mine Reclamation  Obtaining growth on coarse, low organic material can be challenging.  Our soil scientists and geochemists are experienced in developing reclamation strategies in these environments that include bio-engineering techniques to manage highly erosive and steep slopes and amendment selection that ameliorates low pH and high metal material.  Working with our sister company H-2 Enterprises, we are able to implement effective reclamation to expedite bond release and manage environmental liabilities.

Permitting and Compliance

Our group here at Duraroot possesses great experiences and skills at navigating the complexities which are Permitting and Compliance. From local level to federal, we have the skills and resources to properly assist our clients in their permitting needs. Our considerable experiences in all aspects of compliance allows us to both inspect and make detailed recommendations on a variety of different environmental needs.

FERC — Our experienced and certified environmental scientists are able to provide a wide variety of FERC permitting and compliance inspections and recommendations.

NPDES and NEPA — Duraroot also provides services regarding NPDES permitting, with regard to point source pollution sources. NEPA permitting services are also provided.

Storm Water Permitting and Compliance — With years of experience regarding storm water management projects, Duraroot can provide expert permitting services, as well as compliance inspections and recommendations.



Duraroot can provide a variety of training, both agriculturally and environmentally emphasized.

Agricultural Inspector Training — We train potential inspectors to truly appreciate the multitude of factors and interplays taking place in and on every acre of farmland across the United States. We also educate individuals to fully utilize the land they are working, all the while maintaining its resource integrity for the years and generations to come.

Environmental Inspector Training — Duraroot provides expert training in the many diverse considerations needed in environmental inspections. With such a diverse background to draw from, our team can provide our clients with the scope of knowledge needed to address any environmental task.