Seed Mix Design

When you are looking to do a reclamation project, you may need a seed mix blended for your specific area. At Duraroot, we have the knowledge and experience to design a custom seed mix for your project. We take into consideration all aspects of your project to develop the most appropriate seed blend for your local ecosystem. With the perfect mix, your site should recover well and become as sustainable as possible.

Seed Mix Design Using Native Plants

When we design a seed mix for your project site, we focus on using native plants. We create our mix by surveying your land area and choose seeds from plants native to that particular region. By using only native warm and cool weather plants, we can help you create a sustainable reclamation project. We also take into account the way the plants grow and disperse the seeds so that they can grow how they would naturally.

Creating a Seed Mix for Your Pastures and Crops

Different areas require different mixtures of seed to achieve optimal treatment. For example, when expert blenders design a mix for a pasture, they will make sure it has the right plants to feed grazing animals and keep them healthy. Conversely, if we are working with a project focused on cover crops, we will use a seed mix design that is targeted to help protect the land in between plantings and keep your fields in top condition.

Beyond Seed Mix Design: Bioremediation and Phytoremediation

Many of our seed mixes are designed around bioremediation and phytoremediation. Through these processes, the environment can be cleansed of contaminants and restored to its natural beauty. Our technicians are trained in the best ways to create these seed mixes so that bioremediation and phytoremediation can occur effectively. We will make sure that we can create the perfect mix for the particular contamination you may have in the ground of your project site.

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