One of the biggest threats to your reclamation project is stormwater. At Duraroot, we can create a plan for the handling of stormwater and everything it brings along with it. We know how to handle and all permitting that may be required in your region and can apply stormwater BMP plans. Through the use of certain erosion control methods or devices, we work to keep your reclamation project on track and set up for success.

Stormwater Management Permitting and Compliance

Some areas where you may be doing reclamation might require certain permits or compliances for stormwater to be managed. Our technicians have experience handling both state and federal permits, which they use when drafting your plan for handling the wide range of variables that accompany stormwater. Using approved sampling methods, we can test the groundwater, surface water, and other substances to make sure everything is within acceptable limit ranges so you can continue with your reclamation project.

Stormwater BMP for Your Reclamation Project

There are several stormwater BMPs, or best management practices, that we can make a plan from. Erosion control devices are a big part of the management of stormwater, but we can also make recommendations for other practices such as vegetative cover and soil amendments. Depending on the conditions of your project we will find the best way management practice. Our technicians will be able to provide you with all the tools you need to make your reclamation project a success.

Stormwater Management Erosion Control

Erosion control is important when it comes to protecting your reclamation project site. With our experience and knowledge in erosion management and control devices, we can help you determine the best way to handle erosion caused by stormwater. The devices we recommend may range from fencing to specific plant cover. Each device and process has its advantages and disadvantages. We will work to make sure we recommend the best processes for your particular site.

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