Soil Media Mixes Design

Garden soil that is well-prepared is good for growing in-ground plants, but when it comes to growing potted plants, soil media mixes are a better option for soil fertility. Container soils need to be well-aerated and well-drained and also have the ability to retain enough moisture for plant growth. In order to successfully attain these attributes, container soils have to be modified. Modifying a soil means creating a soil media mix comprised of one-part soil, one-part peat moss, and one-part perlite.

Creating Soil Based Soil Media for Your Property

At Duraroot, we recommend not filling a container with just garden soil by itself, because the soil’s ability to drain and aerate become impeded, resulting in growing difficulties. Using modified soil media ensures proper draining and aeration, allowing for an environment where your plants can grow without any disturbances. Depending on what types of plants your want to grow, soil media is often composed of various components such as peat, vermiculite, bark, and coir fibers.

Mixing Soil Media Components to Create Fertile Soil

Most soil media mixes are variations of soil amendments. Peat moss is a natural product harvested from bogs that retains moisture and helps break apart other soils and mixes. Soil media is also comprised of perlite, a naturally-occurring volcanic glass that is mined and heated until it expands into rounds of tiny particles. Vermiculite is another naturally-occurring component known for its water holding capabilities that contributes to soil aeration. Coir is made from fibers on the outside husk of coconut coir, making it one of the best ingredients for water-holding capabilities and drainage qualities.

Providing Landowners with Container Soil Media Mixes

If you are looking for a solution to keep your soil’s pH levels neutral, you can add compost to your soil media mix. Compost is made from decomposed organic matter, and when used in potting mixes it is typically free of wood chips, bark, or any other bulky materials that can affect your soil’s growing abilities. You can also add granular fertilizer to potting soils because it carries nitrogen and phosphorus, which is essential for foliage growth and developing strong roots and flowering.

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