Nurse Crops

Sometimes the seeds that you plant to reclaim an area need a little extra help. When this is the case, Duraroot can create a nurse crop seed mix that will nourish your crops and make your reclamation project a success. Nurse crops also help to reduce erosion and invasive weeds, giving native plants a better chance at establishing themselves. Give your reclamation efforts a boost by adding a nurse crop seed mix to your project site.

Nurse Crops and Erosion Control

To provide your reclamation project with the best chances for success, we can plan out a nurse seed mix to keep everything in place. Native seedlings sometimes need a little protection when they are getting established. Nurse crops offer protection by holding the soil in place for young seedlings. By keeping the soil stable, these crops make sure the seedlings have the foundational support they need to thrive and promote a successful reclamation.

Soil Health: Assisted by a Nurse Crop Seed Mix

Every plant uses and supplies different nutrients to the soil. In addition to keeping loose topsoil in place for native seedlings, nurse plants place nutrients in the soil that may not otherwise be present. With the new abundance of nutrients from these nurse-type crops, native plants will have the best chance they have to flourish and create a successful reclamation project. Our experts know the optimal mixes to create the perfect balance of nutrients for your native plants.

Native Plants: Helped by Nurse Crops

Preventing erosion and providing nutrients are two major ways nurse plants help native plants. Another way they help is that nurse plants can help to prevent the spread of invasive weeds by competing with the weeds for nutrients and space. Nurse plants are an effective way to help keep invasive weeds in check and protect your young native plants so they can grow unimpeded and ensure your project is a success.

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