Post-Construction Analysis

The five steps of noxious weed removal, in order, are detection, control, monitoring, restoration and prevention. Ideally, these steps are completed one by one during your construction project. The project might be complete, but ongoing monitoring will ensure that noxious weeds stay off your property, and the plants you want to grow there will have the necessary environment to do so. Ongoing testing will ensure that when invasive species arrive at your property again, mitigation can start early in the invasion.

Weed Management During Construction

Noxious weeds come from other ecosystems and can be destructive when introduced to your ecosystem. They can wipe out native plants through overcrowding, or even by putting poisons into the soils to kill your plants off. There are measures like having all your contractors completely wash the outsides of their vehicles, including the undercarriage before they show up for your project. Cleaning out the cab of their vehicle and washing their clothing can further stop noxious weeds from being introduced to your property.

Post-Construction Weed Monitoring

After the project concludes, post-construction analysis will help us maintain the weeds on your property. We continue to take soil samples and will perform another vegetation survey for another integrated weed management plan if it is warranted. Monitoring proceeds on a case-by-case basis. If there is a presence of noxious weeds on your property, the monitoring helps us catch it early so that the mitigation process is simple, quick and effective. If we can catch noxious weeds before they develop healthy root systems, they are much easier to destroy.

Herbicide Usage Post-Construction

If the presence of noxious weeds is detected during our post-construction analysis, the weeds are much easier to destroy because we caught them early. If they fully develop to the point they are visible, the process becomes more complex. In the early stages, a pre-emersion herbicide might obliterate them before they have a chance even to take root. We will continue to visit and treat infestation areas on an ongoing basis until the noxious weeds are under control.

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