Cover Crops

At Duraroot, we understand that it isn’t always the best time to plant your reclamation crops. That is why we design plans for cover crops for your reclamation project site. With cover crops, you can keep the area from eroding and becoming nutrient poor. Using our knowledge and experience, we can design a cover crop seed mix that suits the area of your reclamation project so that it will be ready for you when the season is right for your reclamation plant mixes to be implemented.

Designing a Cover Crop Seed Mix for Soil Health

One of the advantages of having cover crops is that they can improve the soil health of your project site. We can design a cover crop seed mix that will replenish the nutrients in the soil of your project site, making it easier for your reclamation plants to grow and thrive. It also helps to keep the soil from compacting, which would make it difficult for your new plants to grow properly.

Nutrient Cycling by Planting Cover Crops

Part of the soil health that cover crops promote is nutrient cycling. By using a variety of cover crops in your seed mix, we can help the soil have a variety of nutrients that are needed for a successful reclamation effort. Different plants need different nutrients and using cover crops can help to ensure that the plants you use for reclamation have everything they need to thrive and rebuild the area of your reclamation site.

Planting Cover Crops for Erosion Control

A huge function of cover crops is erosion control. The roots from the cover crops provide stability for the soil and keep it from washing away. By preventing erosion, they also help to protect the surrounding areas from flooding and provide a stable base for your reclamation plants to grow in. We can design a seed mix that will help your plants grow properly and strong so that the reclamation can be a success.

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