Fire Mitigation

When land experiences a fire, the end result can be detrimental to the livelihood of vegetation and soil. Fires can dramatically affect the physical and chemical properties of a soil, ruining the surface’s organic matter. Depending on the intensity, a fire can create a greater loss of nourishments by both directly and indirectly affecting nutrient pools and cycling. It is important for your land to have a soil media that has a biodiversity which can recover quickly after a fire takes place.

Treating Damaged Land with Fire Mitigation Services

Typically, after exposure to a fire, land receives a great deal of water, from either heavy rainfall or from the fire mitigation services. This prevents the affected land from experiencing land degradation. There are an array of treatments that can be performed during fire mitigation service that can contribute to keeping soil in place and protecting it from becoming erodible. At Duraroot, our professionals use fire restoration techniques like diversions and barriers to keep water flow steady. In order to ensure the soil retains its properties and nutrients, mulch can be applied and spread over the surface that the soil media mix covers.

Using Vegetation to Restore Land’s Condition After Fire

Fire will typically increase soil nutrient turnover rates, creating a bad environment and habitat for vegetation, wildlife, and humans. After fire mitigation services take place, it is important to ensure that vegetation regrowth is a part of the development project. Vegetation regrowth not only prevents soil erosion from occurring, but it also reduces a surface’s water flow. Enhancing and installing a variety of trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plant materials can help produce root structures and help soil to stay firm on the surface it covers.

Trusted Source for Fire Mitigation Services

Part of fire mitigation work is removing unwanted fuels from around your property, reducing the probability of exposure to intense heat in the event of a wildland fire. Wildland fires include grass fires, brush fires, and forest fires. These types of blazes are harmful to rural areas because of the resulting destruction of vegetation and crops. Duraroot’s team can perform mitigation services and use soil media mixes that will restore your land after a fire.

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