Noxious Weed Inventory

Noxious weeds are plants introduced to an area where they aren’t native. They can degrade an ecosystem that otherwise isn’t prepared for their introduction. They can overtake and damage the rangeland, causing costly damage. Some plants came from Asia and Europe as ornamentals and then escaped. Some can even inhibit competition from native plants by releasing their own chemicals into the soil. Unfortunately, the invasive species are much easier to introduce than they are to eradicate.

Early Detection Rapid Response for Weed Removal

Noxious weed inventory is an essential first step toward early detection rapid response, or EDRR. This targets, eradicates and contains noxious weeds in the early stages of infestation. Once root systems form, the plant can find water and nutrients by going deeper. Healthy roots allow the noxious weeds above the ground to appear dead, but under the ground, they continue to thrive. If the plant can be eradicated before the roots form, it is in a weakened state.

Noxious Weed Inventory Deterrent Methods

There are some procedures that can be performed to keep noxious weeds at a minimum. Contractors, especially those working at multiple sites or locations, should clean their vehicles before showing up at a work site. This includes the outside of the vehicles where seeds might adhere or rest on the machine. This also include the cabs of the machines, and the clothing of the contractors themselves. Invasive plants are invasive because their reproductive structures allow them to multiply rapidly.

Conducting a Noxious Weed Inventory

A noxious weed inventory is the process of mapping, control and destruction of invasive weeds that aren’t native to an area. The inventory tells us exactly the weeds we are looking to destroy so that we can implement a plan to target them. In ideal circumstances, those that aren’t rushed, the inventory is completed during the season when the offending weeds are fully developed and can be readily identified. If the area is homogenized, we can measure plants in a small area exactly, then multiply to equal the area of the entire property.

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