Native Plant Design

There are many different conditions that must be considered when creating a native seed mix for your project. Things such as life span and soil content can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your seed mix. We also consider things such as the slope of the area, the diversity of the native plant seeds, and the available light. At Duraroot, our experts will consider all the different criteria of native seed mixing to fit your project.

Native Plant Design: Slope and Aspect

One of the major considerations in native plant design is the slope of the area. Depending on how large the project area is, different parts of a slope will retain different moisture levels and will demand different mixtures for optimum growth. The aspect, or facing direction, of the area also make a difference in the moisture content and nutrients of the soil. With this information, we can create a seed mix that is just right for your project.

Diversity in Native Plant Seeds

Having a diverse mix of seeds in your native plant design is a good way to help control the spread of invasive species. Invasive species can cause nutrient problems for your project area and damage reclamation efforts. By creating a diverse mix of seeds for plants to the region, the spread of invasive plant species is greatly reduced, and your project site will have a much better chance of achieving reclamation success.

Light Considerations for Your Native Plant Design

Available light is a major factor that must be considered in your native plant seed plans. Natural light conditions can range from full shade to full sun, and every plant has a different light requirement in order to thrive. We assess the available sunlight in your project area to pick native seeds for your plan that are best suited for that level of light so that the native seeds you plant can grow properly.

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