Weed Management

In the past it was common to only gather data after the restoration project was completed, if our services were even considered. Now, it is common for us to be involved in the project starting in the beginning stages. Our weed management and pesticide use plans are more effective if we have data collected throughout the entire project. Weed management plans ensure that the plant life on your property after the project is the plant life you envisioned. Pesticide use plans keep those plants healthy.

Importance of Continued Measuring and Data Collection

Weed management and pesticide use plans are ineffective if we blindly follow them without continuing measurements. Our continued measurements assure that the methods we employ are giving us the results we are expecting. Analysis of the numbers gives us the opportunity to tweak our methods if the numbers indicate the deviation. We can predict with decent accuracy the effect of projects on properties, but actual data guarantees we are going in the proper direction, so your property will remain beneficial to the plant life.

Integrated Weed Management Perfected by Professionals

The merging of multiple systems of weed control is called integrated weed management. Prevention is pre-emersion treatment and is very effective because plants are destroyed before they can grow leaves, further their root systems and get stronger. Chemical treatments are often effective, but care should be taken to ensure they aren’t damaging flora or fauna in the immediate area. Cultural management is the set-up of the crops themselves through row spacing, crop rotation and more to deter weed growth.

Pesticide Use Plans Can Assist with Plant Health

In recent years the damaging effects of certain pesticides have become known by a better-educated public, and pesticide use plans — and their positive effect on the environment — have become a popular form of retaliation. Proper pesticide usage can keep away your targeted plants, but with less damage to other plants around them and less damage to other factors that have a direct effect on local flora and fauna, factors like honeybees. We advocate a pesticide use plan that works for your needs and your property.

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