Unsaturated Zone Modeling

Unsaturated zone modeling, also referred to as vadose zone modeling, is the testing of the zone in the Earth at which groundwater is at atmospheric pressure. Testing water movement in the unsaturated zone is important to comprehend chemical transport, flood prevention and other agricultural uses of soil. The use of software system Hydrus and other computer-driven analytical techniques, we can learn more about solute transport than we ever have. The scientists at Duraroot have the tools and knowledge to analyze everything about your land formation, including the vadose zone and how it affects the groundwater beneath your property.

Using Hydrus to Achieve Unsaturated Zone Modeling

Hydrus is a software system we use to determine the movement of water, heat and other solutes in an aqueous environment, which includes unsaturated zones. By using a modeling system such as Hydrus, we’re able to get a sense of how chemicals will react in a site-specific environment, which allows us to improve the outcome of any project. If we can gather this information before you begin a land-development project on your property, we can identify what soil parameters need to be monitored throughout the project’s phases.

Water Balance and Vadose Zone Modeling

We can predict the soil water content of your project by using advanced water balances that consider local climatic conditions and crop evapotranspiration. Vadose zone modeling is a form of water balance testing and is developed for subsurface irrigation. Understanding the level of water in the vadose zone is a good step in understanding the water availability in that specific region.

The Importance of the Unsaturated Zone

The unsaturated zone of the Earth directly impacts the usage of groundwater. Though it is located above the groundwater region, it does not contain water that is readily available for consumption, however it provides nutrients that are crucial to the biosphere. The unsaturated zone also controls the transmission of water to aquifers, land surface and the atmosphere. You can begin to see why unsaturated zone modeling is an important part of agricultural and hydrology processes.

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