Hydrus Modeling

We truly are lucky to have expert water scientists at Duraroot. Through advanced research and geochemical modeling, we can predict the movement of water through aqueous environments underneath the soil. In areas with saturated land or high amounts of moisture, this testing helps us understand why and how water act the way it does and helps us form solutions for how to treat the land in that area. These tools help us get a better understanding of resource activity in a variety of areas like leachate from facilities, vadose zone filtration and lake water outflow to adjacent groundwater systems.

What is Fate and Transport?

We use fate and transport modeling to analyze how chemicals react when they are released into an aqueous environment. Not only can we determine how chemicals move through the air, water and soil through geochemical modeling, but we can also monitor how a chemical reacts when it’s in the presence of another chemical. Hydrus modeling is a way for us to test scenarios that haven’t yet occurred, but might occur in the future, so we can be prepared as to how issues can be addressed.

What is the Hydrus Model?

The Hydrus model is a predictive modeling system for analyzing the movement of water, heat and other solutes in a previously saturated environment. It is a program used on a computer and allows you to change variables of the environment to replicate several different situations, both two and three-dimensionally. Our soil scientists are well trained with this software and can accurately study the chemical, biological and physical makeup of any aqueous system.

Plant-Water Relationships Described

Predicting the outcomes of plant-water relationships using Hydrus modeling and other fate-transport modeling software systems is a luxury. This type of plant-water geochemical modeling can help us prevent potential issues in the soil prior to implementation and determine what physical and chemical soil parameters may need to be monitored throughout the modeling process.

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