Herbicide Applications

Nothing targets weeds like an herbicide application. Certain herbicide treatments either kill entirely or selectively. Safety should be exercised when applying these chemicals — some of them are dangerous, and in the best-case scenario, cause damage to your other plants; in the worst-case scenario, they can cause you harm. Different herbicide treatments can be combined into a single herbicide application for more effective treatments. The different mixtures applied at different intervals allow an almost endless combination to perfectly target your problem plants.

The Benefits of Herbicides

Herbicides are substances, typically chemical, used to control plants. Modern synthetic herbicides can mimic natural plant hormones and interfere with the development of the plants that we target. Herbicide applications can drastically reduce the number of unwanted plants on a property, and if properly mixed — can cause little to no damage to the beneficial plants that the vegetation management plan includes keeping. Suppression is considered incomplete control, and our herbicide specialists aim for greater control.

Pre-Emergent Herbicide Treatment

When plants grow, they develop root systems and leaves to make them stronger. Pre-emergent applications attack the plants before they can develop, so they often require less strength. Because the application needs to cover greater areas, they require greater amounts. Pre-emergent herbicide treatments need a proper vegetation survey — so we can target certain plants even though they aren’t yet visible. Pre-emergent treatments are a very effective part of integrated weed management, they get rid of unwanted weeds before they even emerge.

Selective or Non-Selective Herbicides

Most herbicide applications are either selective or non-selective. Non-selective herbicides, as the name implies, kill every plant or weed they touch. Selective herbicides target specific plants, or even characteristics of plants. Some might kill only broadleaf plants, others may target exact species of broadleaf plants, leaving the rest unharmed. Utilizing a proper vegetation survey and the integrated weed management plan based on this survey, treatments can be very precise and exceedingly effective.

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