When you are planning a land reclamation project, it is important to check for contaminants in the soil and water. At Duraroot, we can not only provide the soil testing needed to identify these pollutants, but we can also create a plan for bioremediation, which is a way of using microorganisms to decontaminate an area. Additionally, we can make a plan for phytoremediation, which focuses on using plants to accomplish decontamination.

Advantages of Bioremediation for Your Reclamation Project

There are several advantages to using phytoremediation as opposed to other options for decontaminating the soil. One is that it is a relatively cheap process that is easy to monitor. Another advantage is that it may be the least impactful method as it uses natural organisms to accomplish the decontamination task safely and effectively for your future seed mix. Additionally, there is also a possibility for recovering and reusing valuable metals by some companies who specialize in phytomining.

Bioremediation Reclamation Project Disadvantages

The biggest disadvantage of bioremediation is the amount of time it takes to decontaminate an area fully. The seed mix used for this process can also be negatively affected by the toxicity of the soil and cause the plants to die before they can truly do their job. Furthermore, this process is limited by the area the plants can cover and how deep their roots reach—meaning they may not be able to stop contaminants from leaching into the groundwater.

Types of Phytoremediation to Choose From

There are several types of phytoremediation that can be used; Phytoextraction, phytostimulation, and phytostabilization are just a few. Phytostabilization is particularly interesting, as this process will help to prevent contamination from spreading. The plants serve to protect the surrounding area from becoming polluted and help your reclamation project remain in a controlled area. Once this process is complete, your project area will be ready for the rest of your reclamation efforts to begin.

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