Source Identification

To understand fate and transport in a certain area, you must first understand the properties of the land in that area. Having an idea of the soil properties in an area assists in source identification and helps to determine the correct course of action when problems arise. If you can’t determine fate and transport source identification, the soil is vulnerable to widespread contamination. Luckily, we are a crew of soil scientists who have the tools and knowledge to prevent these types of problems.

Fate and Transport Source Identification Essential Part of Contamination Discovery

Fate and transport source identification is the process of determining how chemicals move through different types of soil, heat and water and to ascertain where they came from. When a contaminant moves from one area to another, it impacts everything it touches. Different chemicals move in different directions, at different speeds, so it can be difficult to locate the source of contamination. Our goal is to locate that source and determine how to prevent further contamination.

Land Limiting Constituent Analysis Conducted by Expert Team

The success of a water treatment system is dependent on whether or not it was designed with the soil resource in mind. Doing this requires the evaluation of the soil, water quality and land area it’s on through a land limiting constituent analysis. We develop land limiting constituent analysis to determine how to design the land-based treatment system and discover an affordable solution that complies with regulatory standards.

Plant Nutrient Uptake Evaluations to Determine Treatment

Review of the plant nutrient potential helps us design the most suitable land-based treatment for your situation. Furthermore, understanding the crop potential allows us to create cost-effective and sustainable solutions for your project. This information is also helpful to determine fate and transport source identification, as knowing the properties of your plants’ nutrients will make it easier to locate the source of something harmful.

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