Pasture Design

At Duraroot, we can help you design a seed mix for your pasture reclamation project. When a pasture gets damaged, it needs to be tended to quickly so livestock can graze on it again soon. Using our expertise, we can create a seed mix that is optimized for your pasture and its purposes. Our experts can help you and your land by creating a plant design for your pasture that will help speed along your reclamation project as well as check off all the boxes you need.

Pasture Design for Your Grazing Animals

The types of seeds we plan for in your reclamation mix will vary depending on the type of animals that will be grazing on the land. Different livestock species require grazing plants based on their species to remain happy and healthy. Whether you keep sheep, llamas, cows, or any other type of animal, we can create a seed mixture that tailor-made to each of their specific dietary needs, while providing a sustainable plant presence in the pasture.

Wide Variety of Nutrition Options for Your Pasture Design

Within a broad seed mix plan for various animals, we can design a mix that has varying levels of nutrition and other factors. Some grass species have high or low sugar contents, while others can tolerate harsh weather better; with so many different combinations, you can trust Duraroot to create an effective seed mix based on your situations, preferences, and budget. We want to make sure that you have the right plants in your pasture for your animals.

Area Considerations for Your Pasture Reclamation

When we create a seed mix for your pasture reclamation project, we take into consideration the area as a whole. Moisture content, slope, and light are all important factors for any plant to grow, and pastures are no exception. Our experts will survey the area of your pasture project and take into account these three core factors, as well as others, to create the optimal seed mix for your pasture reclamation project.

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