Waste Rock Assessments

Duraroot’s scientists want to help you with your next mining project. We understand the logistics of managing waste rock from a wide variety of project types. Our waste rock assessment staff is highly educated, motivated, determined, and will stop at nothing to serve our clients well. We know there is always a good deal going on during any mining operation, and our technicians can handle the waste rock assessment for you so that your attention can be focused on other aspects of your operation.

Beneficial Reuse of Waste Rock During Closure

Often scrap rock can have beneficial use after cessation of mining or other projects. Reuse depends on numerous factors including rock chemistry, topography, climatic conditions, and intended land use. Common examples of beneficial land use are livestock grazing, recreational use, and residential and commercial development. Duraroot’s technicians have a great deal of experience with waste rock assessment so that you know the chemistry of your left-over rock and how to best reuse it when your project is finished.

Waste Rock Assessment for Closure Planning

The goal of a closure plan is to provide a permanent closure for beneficial land-use. Implementation of a closure plan starts pre-mining and is continually updated and revised during all phases of the project. Our people will handle this as well, making it simple and easy. We will assess the chemical composition of the rock once you have finished with your operation so that you are aware of its chemistry. With this information, you can implement various reclamation programs to restore the land for beneficial use.

Waste Rock Water Diversion

Based on the geochemical characteristics of the waste material and the climatic conditions (typically, when precipitation is greater than evaporation) diversion channels are needed to prevent surface meteoric water from contacting rock material. Such efforts are needed when waste rock has the potential to produce acidic and metal-laden leachate. When Duraroot is on the job, you can trust that your water diversion needs will be done right the first time by our experienced and dedicated staff.

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