Invasive Weed Inventory

At Duraroot, we want to make sure you have the best plan possible for controlling invasive weeds at your project site. With our experience, we can recommend different methods for invasive weed control at your site depending on the location. We will put our expertise to work for you so that your site is weed free and ready for your project—whatever it may be. Let us help you create the right plan to eliminate weeds at your site.

Physical Methods for Invasive Weeds

The first method we will likely consider for invasive weed control on your land is one of several physical approaches. These range from pulling and digging the weeds out of the ground to suffocating them with a special plastic or recurrent mowing. Unless your project is in a wetland, it is unlikely you’ll need any additional licensing for physical weed control approaches. However, they do create a lot of disturbance, and if not handled correctly they can cause a resurgence of the weeds.

Chemical Invasive Weed Control

Often the most commonly used method of weed control is through the use of herbicides, which can be cost-effective and efficient. There are several different methods and concentrations for applying herbicides that can be used. Our experts will be able to help you determine the perfect combination for your project through an invasive weed inventory. Let our experienced technicians survey your site and offer the best plan for your project.

Invasive Weed Inventory: Biological and Cultural Controls

Both biological and cultural controls have a biological aspect to them. For biological controls, organisms (primarily insects) are used to help remove invasive weeds from your site. With cultural controls, environmental factors are the focus; this includes controlled burns and creating competition from other plants. If either of these methods is a good option for your site, we will use them in our approach to helping you manage the weeds in your area.

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