Tailings Assessments

Duraroot’s industry-leading scientists want to be of service to businesses looking for a company to handle tailings assessments. There is a lot that goes into mining projects, so much so that we know there are times companies are totally maxed out and just can’t be stretched any further. That’s where our people come in; we handle the geochemical tailings assessments for you and your business, so your attention can be used more effectively elsewhere.

Static and Kinetic Tailings Testing

Analytical methods used to evaluate metal content, metal leachate potential, acid and neutralizing reactions often based initially on static testing procedures. They are then followed by temporal-based kinetic testing to assess long-term weathering and chemical properties of the materials better. Static testing includes acid-base accounting, total elemental analysis, and leachate testing. Kinetic testing includes humidity cell, column cell, and kinetic net acid generate testing. You can rely on Duraroot’s scientists and technicians to know the ins and outs of these procedures and produce accurate results.

Cyanide Detoxification Is Crucial Part of Handling Geochemical Tailings

Often tailings material contain cyanide which is used in ore extraction and processing. To limit environmental impacts, cyanide destruction is necessary (often required by law) before waste is discharged. Based on processing methods, economics, cyanide speciation, and mining byproduct chemistry, numerous methods can be implemented to successfully detoxify cyanide from your mine’s waste material. Once our results are processed and analyzed, we will walk you through the various options you have to detoxify your mining byproducts.

Geochemical Tailings Drain-Down Must Be Reckoned With

Tailings are often deposited as a saturated slurry that slowly loses water over time due to evaporation and drainage. Hydraulic studies can be used to predict the time, quantity, and quality of water being discharged from the tailings. Duraroot’s staff understand this process well; given our many years of managing geochemical tailings. You can trust our thorough grasp of the mechanics of mining and it’s auxiliary as well as tertiary issues and situations that arise which need to be dealt with the right way the first time.

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Duraroot incorporates soil and agronomic-based scientific practices, customized equipment, and technology to provide services and products that are cost-efficient and effective. Our deep understanding of regulations and associated environmental challenges allows us to provide site-specific, accurate, and adaptable environmental solutions so our clients can focus on their core business. With an emphasis on soil science as the basis for land management, our goal is to improve ecosystem services that increase financial, regulatory, and social currency within environmental management.